Our Technique

The Gonstead Difference

Gonstead Chiropractic represents the highest standard in "hands on" adjustments and is the leader in chiropractic techniques. The stellar reputation of this technique stems from the most accurate, specific, and effective approach in evaluating and adjusting the spine. This is done through assessing the spine using 5 criteria that allow us to fully analyze the patient before ever adjusting. Using this comprehensive and proactive approach, the brain is better able to communicate with the body. Because of this, we find that the patient's entire body begins functioning at a higher level as a whole. It is common for our patients to have more energy, experience better sleep quality, and notice improved digestion following Gonstead adjustments. 


The 5 Criteria

  • Visualization 

We assess postural abnormalities, gait changes, and muscle asymmetry to aid in finding spinal misalignments.

  • Instrumentation

Thermography readings are taken during each visit. Our instrument detects heat differentials along your spine, indicating areas of neurological pressure/interference. This is sign vertebral subluxation. Thermography also helps keep track of your progress while under care.

  • Static Palpation

The Chiropractor will feel for areas of muscular tightness, asymmetry, swelling, as well as changes in the tone of the tissues. This is another indication of spinal misalignment.

  • Motion Palpation

The Chiropractor will analyze each joint to detect any improper motion. Improper motion of the joints tells us that a misalignment is present.

  • X-ray Analysis

When necessary, full spine x-ray images are taken to view the spine as a whole. These images help us to determine the proper vector of each adjustment. This allows us to be as specific as possible in correcting misalignments.

Weathered Wood

Meet Our Doctor

Sean Ostrowski, DC



Dr. Sean is our lead Gonstead doctor and founder of Relentless Chiropractic and the #LiveRelentless movement. Dr. Sean is passionate about serving others by helping them to find their true health through Gonstead Chiropractic and helping to educate others on how to maintain that health for generations to come.  


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Taryn & Brayden, Ages 3 & 5

Dr. Sean is amazing! My 6-year-old and 3-year-old have received chiropractic care from him and have seen wonderful results. After receiving adjustments from Dr. Sean we are seeing improvements to my daughter's bed wetting and attention deficits. Thank you Dr. Sean! 

Old Man Sitting

Richard, Age 74

Dr. Sean took a personal interest in my wellness. I have been to many Chiropractors off and on for many years. With Sean as my chiropractor this is just about the best experience I have ever had. He is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and made excellent adjustments for me. Periodically I would suffer from both lower back, hip or neck discomfort and pain. Dr. Sean was able to turn my power switch on and keep me active. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Sean and the Relentless team, he has turned me into Super Man. 

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Toni, Age 26

My name is Antoinette Pelote. I had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Sean Ostrowski for a period of time. His technique and skill greatly improved my neck and back pain. I have scoliosis.The curve in my spine can make adjustments more difficult but, this was not an issue for Dr. Ostrowski. He was able to perform adjustments successfully and pain free!